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This programme is intended to empower and equip Managers and those aspiring to become managers, with the requisite skills and knowledge about the management process and management functions. This is reinforced by aspects of leadership skills, corporate intrapreneurship, operations management and knowledge management systems.


The MMLP is designed to equip the manager, aspiring manager, supervisor and team leaders with the requisite tools and techniques to manage and lead their teams. The focus is on personal and professional Development of the manager


MYMC has been developing Middle managers, supervisors and team leaders for over 10 years with over 30 development  programs to meet the needs of Enterprise and the manager. We are the pioneers of the only Middle Managers’ Conference in this hemisphere held annually over two (2) days.


At the end of the programme  participants will have learned to lead more effectively and/or make the transition from professional manager to leader by:

•Ensuring that they have all the core skills of effective management and leadership

•Understanding what drives in a changing world •Influencing and managing the performance and organizational culture

•Exploring team dynamics, preferred team roles

•Having a framework for implementing successful change programmes and making tough decisions

•Leading and developing talent

•Managing integration in a complex organization

•Learning the tools of influence


Professional Development 

•Transformational Leadership

•Customer Service

•Budgeting & Financial Management 

•Managing Shareholder Value

•Coaching & Mentorship

•Strategic Risk & Crisis Management

•Employee Engagement & Talent Management

•Data Analytics

•Online & Virtual Service Delivery

Personal Development

•Business Etiquette & Work Ethics

•Time Management

•Communication Skills

•Emotional Intelligence


•Managing Change

•Transitioning from team member to team leader


Organizational Benefits

The organization will benefit from having middle managers who are:

•Equipped motivated and confident to transition to the next level or lead more effectively

•Able to avoid common pitfalls at the more senior level through greater understanding of organizational culture, performance management, making decisions and talent Management

•Equipped to make a significant contribution to moving the organization in desired directions and steer teams through complex situations

•Thinking and behave like leaders

Personal Benefits

Participants will:

•Gain new insights into decision making, visioning, performance management and learn how to be flexible in both  leadership and management

•Be able to understand people and create a motivating environment for their staff

• Understand their own and others’ preferred team roles

• Be able to influence upwards in the organization with confidence

•Be able to plan and lead change


“It would be remised of me if I did not extend this Ministry’s thanks and appreciation for such an enthralling and informative Middle Managers Programme. The feedback that I have received , provide us with the confidence that your product is of the highest quality that will enable the ministry’s staff to grow and accomplish great things. Thank You”

Wayne Grant – Director , HRD & PMAS (Acting(- Ministry of Local Government and Community Development

“I would like to commend you and your team for an efficiently executed and well-rounded programme . The topics covered were accurate . I have befitted greatly from attending and I will be applying the skills and techniques that I have learnt to further assist my organization in achieving its objectives.

Toni-Anne Milwood – Financial Stability Dept  – Bank of Jamaica

“Our Employees who participated provided us with encouraging feedback ; they were so excited and appreciative of the opportunity to learn and grow . We look forward to working with you in the continued development of our staff

Judy Jones – Human Resource Officer- Scientific Research Council

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of the programme. The information was well received. 

Keep up the good work.”

Denzil Coke-Operations Manager- Ministry of Labour & Social Security

Timely and informative , necessary for the development of our decision makers”

Christopher Roxburgh- Rainforest Seafoods

The experience and information was well received . I have already commenced partaking my knowledge to my team members and fellow management.

Keisha Robinson – Operations Manager – Jamaica Urban Transit Co.


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