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Using our depth of experience and expertise, MYM -Investigations will assist clients in navigating the crossroads of opportunity and risk. Whether performing a background check on a prospective employee, vetting a contractor, or embarking on a new business relationship or venture, our customized support services and solutions give clients the advantage of verified facts, a crucial edge in today’s marketplace.

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At MYM -Investigations, we specialize in verification; our thorough investigations encompass the examination of individuals and companies for both soundness and integrity, consequently providing invaluable insight to our clients in their decision-making processes.

Our far-reaching background investigations enable verification of the information provided by a candidate or company.  We dedicatedly seek and report the facts, without prejudice.  Whether reviewing job applications, screening prospective tenants, processing a structured settlement agreement, selecting volunteers, or choosing a child’s athletic coach, MYM -Investigations ’ experience and expertise provides actionable results for all clients.

Because conducting due diligence can vary widely based on need and purpose, our systematic approach focuses on the client’s objective and therefore consistently produces the desired results. The process itself involves conducting investigative research and analysis of a company, organization, or principal parties prior to entering into an agreement, financial transaction, investment, merger, acquisition, or partnership.

As we can never be certain of another’s motivations, intentions, or character, vetting an individual in your personal life is just as important as vetting an individual in your workplace. Since we are predisposed to trusting others, our trustworthiness can make us a vulnerable target subject to deception and exploitation. When you’re contemplating meeting with someone you’ve found on an online dating app, hiring a cleaning service, healthcare, childcare, or home improvement contractor, our services will not only provide you with verified facts, but also assist you in navigating through the crossroads of honesty and integrity

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