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Middle Managers Leadership Conference tackles change, adaptability in workplace

 Dr Jacqueline Coke-Lloyd (centre), conceptualiser of Middle Managers Leadership Conference 2024, joins the esteemed CEOs Al Edwards, Andrew Wynter, Martha Miller, and Dominic Beaubrun after their panel discussion for a quick chat during the event. (OUR TODAY photo)

Corporate heads attending the Middle Managers Leadership Conference emphasised the need to be nimble in adjusting to strategic goals in the ever-changing world of business.

Sharing in the CEO Panel Discussion, titled ‘Championing Change, Adaptability, and Strategy’, the panel comprising Dominic Beaubrun, managing director of the Jamaica Observer; Martha Miller, CEO, National Rums of Jamaica; Andrew Wynter, CEO, Passport, Immigration & Citizenship Agency (PICA); and Dr Bryan McCabe, president of Bakke Graduate University exchanged ideas oh how to practically navigate change, drive strategic initiatives, and foster organisational growth. 

Al Edwards, CEO of Our Today  moderated the dialogue.

Al Edwards, CEO of Our Today, introduces the esteemed panel of CEOs for an insightful discussion on leadership strategies at the Middle Managers Leadership Conference 2024. (OUR TODAY photo)

Kicking off the discussion, Dominic Beaubrun, a seasoned executive with a wealth of experience in the Caribbean media and communications industry, highlighted the critical role of middle managers in driving organisational change. As such, he urged middle managers to identify a personal credo, aligning their individual mission and vision with the organisation’s. 

“This alignment fosters a sense of purpose and commitment.”

Expounding on his insights, the Jamaica Observer managing director underscored the importance of managers upgrading their skill sets in order to dapt to new challenges, adding that by doing so they become more agile and better equipped to lead. 

In conclusion, Mr Beaubrun outlined a retention strategy implemented within his organisation, emphasising the importance of developing talent internally. 

Dominic Beaubrun, managing director of Jamaica Observer, offers valuable perspectives on navigating change and driving strategic initiatives. (OUR TODAY photo)

“We’ve created a training ground for future workforce talent, employing individuals straight out of university and training them for future roles,” he explained. 

“By investing in our employees’ development, we retain top talent and foster a culture of continuous learning.”

Contributing to the discussion, Martha Miller, the first woman to lead a liquor company in Jamaica, outlined the importance of prioritising tasks and focusing on what truly matters to drive meaningful outcomes. 

She also highlighted the critical role of communication and empowerment in achieving organisational success, noting that effective communication is a cornerstone of strong leadership, and it’s essential for middle managers to empower team members to make a difference and create a culture of accountability and collaboration.

Martha Miller, CEO of National Rums of Jamaica, shares insights on leadership excellence at the Middle Managers Leadership Conference 2024. (OUR TODAY photo)

The Jamaica Rums CEO also recommended that  managers view mistakes as opportunities for growth. She advised owning mistakes and working through them with resilience and determination. 

Establishing clear metrics for success and holding yourself and your team accountable for achieving goals is crucial. Remember, what gets measured gets done.

For his part, Andrew Wynter pointed out the indispensable role of middle managers in organisational success.

“Good leaders in the middle make good leaders at the top, creating the link between strategic vision and operational execution,” he asserted.

Wynter further emphasised the crucial role of middle managers as the liaison between senior management and operational teams, adding that middle managers are responsible for implementing strategic plans and communicating any issues or challenges that may affect operations. They also offer guidance and support to junior managers and supervisors while also providing advice and information to senior managers.

Renowned educator and thought leader Dr. Bryan McCabe concluded the discussion with insights into value creation and sustainable growth. 

Andrew Wynter, CEO of Passport, Immigration & Citizenship Agency, highlights the critical role of middle managers in organisational success. (OUR TODAY photo)

“Middle managers must focus on maximising resources and driving tangible outcomes,” he advised. “By prioritising value creation, they can propel their organisations toward long-term success.”

Dr. Bryan McCabe provided valuable insights into the pitfalls of transactional leadership and the importance of embracing transformational leadership in today’s ever-changing world.

“To remain effective as a leader or manager, we need to shape and train transformational leaders who understand how to embrace the chaos that comes with rapid advances in urbanisation, globalisation, and technology,” he emphasised.

“Transformational leaders rise above the circumstances to cause their organisations to grow and the people they lead to be empowered.”

Source: https://our.today/middle-managers-leadership-conference-tackles-change-adaptability-in-workplace/


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